Pricing Options

Pricing Options

With fixed pricing, customers pay a stable, known price throughout their contract term. This option is ideal for risk-averse customers that want to eliminate market volatility as a budget concern.

Layered Pricing

For customers looking for diversification, we recommend layered pricing - a combination of fixed and variable pricing. This combination helps customers limit market risk and still take advantage of declines in natural gas costs. NFR offers extensive flexibility in triggering volumes and timeframes (monthly, seasonal, and multi-year terms).

Variable Pricing

For customers that want to float with the market, NFR provides a competitive NYMEX plus basis price. The basis price is fixed, but the NYMEX commodity portion fluctuates based on the exchange's monthly settlement prices. If market opportunities arise, customers may convert their variable price to a layered or fixed price at any time.

Indexed Pricing

Ideal for dual-fuel customers, NFR customizes tiered pricing structures based on monthly and spot market indexes for customers with unpredictable consumption.

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